Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Somebody pinch me.

When the sun rises tomorrow morning it will be September 1st and the Reds could be leading the National League Central by as many as 7 games. 

Call me crazy, but this team reminds me a bit of the 1990 Reds that I remember so fondly.  A team of destiny? 

For right now, I am just going to enjoy the ride and hope they keep winning and make it into the playoffs. 

Usually this time of year is met with great anticipation (unwarranted anticipation at that) for the upcoming Bengals season as the Reds are quite often mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by early September.

This year is certainly different. 

The Reds are streaking, the Cards are tanking, there is still the anticipation of what may become of this year's Bengals squad, but the focus is on the boys of summer.  Parker wakes every morning and asks who won last night and then he calculates how many games they are ahead of the Cards.  I have yet to watch a snap of Bengals preseason action (which probably isn't a bad thing...there isn't much worse than preseason NFL football). 

Times have been finally been good for us Cincinnati sports fans.  Now let's hope that the Reds don't lay the same egg that the same egg the Bengals did earlier this year in the playoffs (that is, if they make the playoffs).

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