Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We've got a biter.

Long ago we became used to signing Incident Reports while picking up the kids from daycare.  More times than not it was due to a buddy of Lleyton's really seeming to enjoy biting him.  Side note, it was the same buddy that Lleyton punched the other day, so maybe our little man had just had enough.

Well, it looks like the tables have turned.  Sara was greeted by a similar report when she picked up the kids yesterday, but the difference was that this time Addy was on the giving end of the bite.  It was pretty serendipitous timing, considering I had just written on here that sometimes she sneaks a bite in on me when I am least expecting it.  As it turns out, one of her little friends had a book that she wanted to read and instead of asking for it nicely (which would have the acceptable/expected route) she decided just to bite him instead.  I am sure she got the book, but it was short lived as the bite landed her in timeout (or to be politically correct, she was redirected) for 15 minutes. 

Add Vampire to the list of nicknames I have for Addy.  If you're keeping track, you can also add:


The bite was labeled as normal (with minor and severe being the other choices), so I am guessing the little guy on the receiving end had a unique mark on his arm thanks to the very recognizable and in my opinion, incredibly cute, gap between her front two teeth.

I am happy to report that she went all day without biting anyone today and we didn't have to bribe her to do it. 

That time will come.

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  1. A girl wants what she wants! ;o)

    Dang, she is so stinkin' cute! Her lashes almost touch her eye brows, so beautiful!