Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today was the day we had been waiting on for quite some time, a first birthday for one of our kids.  Lleyton came home at 13 months, and Parker at almost 6 years, so we were thrilled to get Addy before her first birthday so that we could finally spend an inaugural birthday with one of our little ones.

Addy's day started off just as the other kids birthdays have...with a room full of happy birthday balloons. 

After a morning of preparing the house and food for her birthday party, we headed out to Parker's soccer game where we were joined by the likes of Grandma Susie, Papa Don, Grammy, Aunt Emily, Aunt Megan, Uncle Jason, and Nick, Drew, and Claire.  Parker's cheering section far outnumbered anyone else's, especially when you add in the the very thoughtful teachers from the kids daycare that showed up to support our big man as well.  The opposing team won, which was due in large part to them double teaming Parker (not really, but it looks like it in this picture).

Following the titanic struggle on field 3c, all of Parker's fans made their way back to our house where Pop joined us for Addy's birthday festivities.  Our little princess enjoyed herself throughout the day, although at times it did seem she would have rather had a couple less cameras on her.  You be the judge...

After the initial scowl, she did settle in for at least a minute or two.

Some kids really tear into their first birthday cake (or cupcake in our case), but Addy was a bit different.  She picked at it with seemingly very little interest, and once she did go for a quality bite it was quickly followed up by a rather unappetizing vomiting episode.  We could have done without that, but it certainly made for a memorable few minutes.  She bounced back but wasn't really interested in bellying back up the highchair...more cake for the rest of us.

It was really nice having so much family here for the Addy's big day.  Lleyton loves hanging out with his cousins Nick and Drew, and he can't get enough of his grandparents either.  Parker and Claire played very well together, whether it was dueling at Go Fish and Bingo or taking turns reading to each other. 

Papa Don surprised Lleyton with a fantastic gift, a real firefighter's helmet.  Needless to say, it was a big hit with the little boys.

Parker was also given a couple really cool gifts from Papa Don and Grandma Susie.  Can you tell he loves his new book and t-shirt?

As the party came to a close there came a moment when I felt like I was potentially seeing into the future.  These boys look like they could be pretty good at breaking hearts in about a decade.  I wouldn't be surprised if I post a very similar picture years from now of the same three handsome fellas getting ready to head out for a night on the town.

The birthday celebration wasn't over after everyone had left the house.  Addy's was a bit juiced up following the party and wasn't too interested in taking a nap, so we suited the kids up and took of for our annual visit to Fall Fest in Lawrenceburg.  Fall Fest is the annual festival in downtown Lawrenceburg that is everything you could ever want in a street fair.  Great food (if you like fried Twinkies and funnel cakes), fun rides for the kids, challenging games for those tempted enough to step up to the plate, and people watching that is second to none. 

Speaking of fun rides for the kids.

Speaking of tempting games.

We had a great day. 

Am I extremely tired?  Yes. 
Was it worth it?  Absolutely. 


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  1. She is so beautiful!!! Happy Birthday Addison!!!