Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun in the sun.

With Sara heading back to work tomorrow after a long stay at home with Addy we wanted to treat the kids to a special weekend.  Our options were a quick trip to Chicago, an overnight at an indoor water park, or stick around here and hit up the aquarium and spend some quality time at the pool.  We chose the latter. 

We dropped the boys off at daycare on Friday morning because neither boy wanted to miss the morning of fun each of their rooms had planned, so Sara and I picked them up just after lunch and we headed down to the Newport Aquarium.  The boys loved it, and I think Addy enjoyed it as well, as she got to ride on my back due to the fact that strollers aren't allowed in the aquarium until 4pm. 

Our favorite parts were:
Lleyton - the big, huge, giant turtle
Parker - sharks
Addy - TBD
Sara - otters and penguins (she couldn't decide)
Me - jellyfish

Lleyton was very concerned about the scuba divers who were swimming with the sharks.

Here is the aforementioned big, huge, giant turtle.

After our enjoyable tour came to its conclusion we ventured home so that Addy could take her much needed nap before we headed to the swimming pool for dinner.  The boys love showing off their skills for all of the coeds at the pool (by boys I mean Lleyton). 

Our weekend of fun continued yesterday as we spent some time on the lake that Grammy and Pop live on.  The boys served as armed security guards during the cruise portion of our trip before jumping in and swimming with the fish. 

They have been wanting squirt guns for a long time, and lucky for them, Sara found a couple on clearance at Target.  They had a blast during squirting some unsuspecting rocks along the banks of the lake.

Not unlike most days recently, it was very hot yesterday.  Hot enough that even the deer were seeking refuge from the heat.

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  1. I'm looking for us in the background of your pictures at the aquarium because we were there at the exact same time. Too bad we missed each other.