Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ace in the hole.

Lleyton had a very bad week in daycare last week. 

He has long struggled to listen very well, but that was about as bad as it got...until Thursday.  With one swing of a chair that happened to hit best friend in the head, he went from the lovable, sweet kid that has a remarkably short attention span to the future mixed martial arts fighter that likes to hit his friends over the head with chairs and has a remarkably short attention span. 

Not good.

The worst part was that after the long talk with had with him on Thursday evening, and after threatening to take his new Carson Palmer jersey, and his new shoes, and all of his babies if he hit anyone the next day, he was back at it again on Friday, as he hit another one of his friends. 

Not good.

What to do?  We have decided to incentivize good behavior, so we have told Lleyton that if he is able to behave like we expect him to behave for five straight days he is going to earn a very special prize. 

I am so hopeful he is able to behave.  For a few reasons, not the least of which is that I think the other kids in the room would enjoy not being hit in the head, but also because I know he is going to lose his mind when he sees the extra special prize. 

What is it? 

Our ace in the hole.

Swiper the Fox

The kid goes nuts over Swiper.  He sees him everywhere.  It's not uncommon that Sara or I have to corral a fictitious Swiper from Lleyton's room and take him to the basement before our little man is willing to lay his head down to sleep. 

He sees him when we are out to dinner. 
He sees him when we are driving. 
He sees him at Parker's games.
He saw him in Disney World. 

Swiper just can't seem to leave him alone...and now he could have his very own Swiper to join the one in his imagination. 

If he behaves. 

Check back on Friday night to see if our little man behaved for five straight days.  I am hopeful.

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