Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is the day Parker has been looking forward to.  He's officially in the 1st Grade...and he got to wear his new shoes for the first time, and tonight he gets to introduce his Grammy and Pop to Ethiopian food. 

The excitement was palpable last night as he helped Sara load his backpack and bake cookies, and I wish I could have captured a picture of his face this morning when I told him about our special guests joining us for dinner tonight, as he got that wry look on his face, grinned ear to ear, and exclaimed "YEAH!". 

Lleyton didn't want Park to be the only one lucky enough to wear a backpack to school, so he threw his on as well.

Generally, for every smiling picture there is a silly picture.

Even though the focus of this morning was on Park's big day, the boys never let a morning go by without showering their little sister with affection.

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