Saturday, July 24, 2010

We've figured it out...

After over 12 months of answering Parker's unending array of questions, we have come to find out one of the reasons why our big man is constantly using interrogatories. 

This afternoon as we were in the car driving to visit Sara's family, Parker, amidst about 100 other questions, asked Sara and I if it had been raining where we were.  We were perplexed, as it had clearly just finished pouring, as was evident by the large puddles on the road.  We told our inquisitive big man that that particular question was not a good one because he clearly knew the answer.  Sara instructed him that rather than ask that question he could instead say, "Look Mommy, it has been raining here."  He quickly shot back, "No I can't, because then I would be talking to myself."

As it turns out, all of this time he has been asking questions not only because he is a very inquisitive child, but also because he thought that was that if he wasn't asking questions he would be talking to himself.

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