Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Addy is working out with a personal trainer.

Addy came home from Ethiopia without any muscle tone in her legs and her development over the last couple of weeks has been remarkable.  She didn't move around much while we were with her in Africa, but once we got to Hilton Head and she met her uberactive older brother she quickly began to crawl.  We have been working with her since being home at developing her lower body a bit and it seems to be paying off. 

After purchasing a new contraption to help her stand up (and have fun while doing it), we implemented a new workout plan this evening.  Here she is working under the watchful eye of her personal trainer.

Lleyton is human and often gets a bit sidetracked from the task at hand, hence the picture above where she is certainly wondering where he ventured off to, but under his tutelage Addy will be roaming the house with ease in no time.

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  1. It definitely is paying off. I forgot to mention it, but I noticed that she had more strength in her legs when we were at your house compared to when we first met her at our house.