Monday, July 26, 2010

Teacher and pupil face off at checkers.

As previously reported, we made the trip up to Kokomo this past weekend to visit with Sara's family.  We enjoy our trips up there immensely .  It is always nice to see Greatgrandma Rena and Greatgrandpa Bob.  The boys light up as soon as we turn onto their street, as Lleyton loves putting on a show for them and Park knows that if he is on his best behavior we will let him dip into the always plentiful supply of M&M's (and if he is extra well behaved, he may get a 6 ounce can of Sprite). 

The best part of this past visit was watching Grandma Rena teach Parker the finer points of checkers.  It was priceless.  I think the teacher may have let the pupil win, but it was a well contested match nonetheless.

During Parker and Grandma Rena's titanic struggle at the kitchen table, Lleyton found a second to take a break from his endless search for Swiper the Fox to hang with Grandpa Bob. 

I am pretty sure that life in Sara's grandma and grandpa's house is pretty laid back...that is until the tornado called Lleyton and Parker (and now Addy) rolls through.  But based on the smile on Grandma Rena's face (in between grimaces induced by Lleyton's newest gymnastic moves), I think they enjoy the occasional tornado.  

We love you guys.

A visit to Kokomo would not be complete without stopping by to see Grandpa Paul and Grandma Monica.  This was an especially fun visit because we to got to see Addy playing outside a bit.  It has been rather hot here lately and our grass isn't quite a plush as Grandpa Paul's, so the combination of a bit of breeze keeping the temp down and their well manicured lawn equaled a good time for all.  Addy was quite enamored by a couple of the decorations in their yard.

She wasn't quite as interested in the ongoing sword fight that the boys engaged in during our stay.

In between dueling each other, the boys enjoyed attempting to play the guitar they found inside of the house.

One of these days I am going to have to post a video of Lleyton's dance moves.  He is very smooth.  So much so that on some mornings while I am dropping the boys off at daycare, the kids (mostly the little girls) in Parker's room ask Lleyton to dance for them, and he rarely disappoints the ladies.  He is the consummate showman. 

The boys and I ventured over to the pool in our neighborhood yesterday afternoon and Lleyton put on a show there too.  He would climb onto the diving board and before doing his most acrobatic belly flop (not unlike the one shown in the video below) he would do a little dance to the delight of a few adoring girls.  We now have, and will continue to have, our hands full with this little one.

Sidenote:  I didn't lug my big camera with us this weekend for our trip to Kokomo.  Instead I took our smaller camera.  This was the camera that we left with my mom and dad while we were gone to Ethiopia.  I was very amused by the pictures that I found on the camera upon arriving home.  Here is a glimpse of what you might expect to find when Park gets his hands on a camera.

Sidenote #2:  Here is what it looks like when a little boy has to go to the bathroom but is too preoccupied with impressing his cousin Drew by diving into the pool instead.  

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  1. All three of your children are beautiful! Congratulations. Now.. GOOD PARENTS bring their children to Disney world shortly after coming home! See you here soon! Sue H.