Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home at last.

After a really enjoyable day in Dubai, a long 5 days in Ethiopia, and excruciating 32 hours of travel back to the States, a fantastic 6 days of vacation, and a 12 hour drive home we are here at last. 

Our little girl is changing right before our eyes. 

Here is the girl we met in Ethiopia. 

And here she is this evening enjoying her new room.

We arrived home this evening to a very nice surprise from a few of Lleyton and Parker's teachers, one of which who watched our house and pets while we were gone on vacation (Thanks Miss Katie!).

As I have said before, daycare is a necessary evil for us, as we both work, but it makes us feel so much better to drop our kids off someplace where it is so evident that they are very well cared for.

Our drive home proved to be not nearly as bad as we had been anticipating. We left Hilton Head yesterday afternoon and drove through Atlanta so that we could stay with good friends of ours.  Here is Addy getting to know Sandi.

We stopped for gas not far from Savannah at a unique place.  This cowboy greets you at the front door. 

To you and I this decoration may seem harmless, but to Lleyton it was a scary sight as he thought I may be in harms way when I walked past.  Sara told me that he was yelling, "NO, DADDY, NO!" as I approached the armed man.   

Before leaving our luxurious home away from home, Lleyton enjoyed  flying through the air thanks to the strength of his Pop.

Our new life has begun.  I will hopefully be finding some time over the next few days to write a bit about our trip, but let me tell you that having three kids makes having two seem like a walk in the park.

By the way, Addy loved her bookshelf and the many books that the boys handed down to her.


  1. Happy to have you all home! Hope the boys & Addis liked their surprise!

  2. oops..ha I do know how to spell! ha.