Monday, July 19, 2010

Lleyton's adjustment

I would be lying to you if I said that Lleyton seemed to be adjusting as well to having Addy home as Addy has adjusted to being here.  Our little man demands attention and we love giving it to him, but now with a baby in the house our attention has to be divided a bit more than Lleyton may like.  That's by no means saying he doesn't love his sister, because he really does.  He is becoming a great big brother.  We can just tell that he is yearning for more attention.  With that we have implemented a new nighttime plan that gives him the one on one time with Sara and I that he wants, and that we want to give him. 

The deal is if he has a good day at daycare and uses his listening ears all day, after Parker and Addy hit the sack at 8 o'clock, Lleyton gets "special time" with us.  Last night was our first night utilizing the new routine and it went very well.  He loved having our attention without the threat of Addy hooting and hollering for a bottle and Parker asking a multitude of questions.  We laid in his bed with him and read him one of his favorite books and talked about his day before he peacefully fell asleep.

After a good report from his teachers today and a very good evening, he was anxious to know if today was a "special day."  And it was.  Park was in bed early due to a spell of less than acceptable behavior at daycare and Addy went down smoothly as she usually does, which led us to another very enjoyable uninterrupted few minutes with our ever-growing little man.  Tonight we again read him one of his favorite books (Llama Llama Misses Mama) and talked about his day, but he was still a bit restless so Sara, in her infinite wisdom, channeled her inner-Spiderman (or should I say Spiderwoman) and sprayed him with a fictitious web which immobilized the always squirming munchkin just long enough for him to fall asleep. 

We love each of our kids dearly and each one needs his/her own individual time with us, but none more than Lleyton.  The combination of his sensory issues and the fact that he got a bit spoiled by being an only child for a long period of time has led us to our "special time." 

I have to admit that I really liked having all of the kids in bed asleep by 8pm, but after just two nights of our new routine, I am enjoying it even more.

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  1. Aren't parental superpowers great?

    Love, Alice