Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're back!

After a very long day (or days, I have lost track of time) of travel, we made it back to the States with Addis Lidya in tow.  I am running on fumes at this point, so details of the trip will follow, but I am happy to report that even though it doesn't look like it in the following picture that was taken as the boys first me their Baby Sister, Addis loves the boys and the feeling is certainly mutual.

In case you think it looks like Addis' head was shaved, you are correct.  We arrived at the orphanage on Monday evening to find our baby girl had been shaved bald.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't very disappointed that had happened.  We have continually been telling each other that it will grow back (hopefully quickly).


Here was the crew that joined us at the airport (all of my family). 

By the looks of this picture, Lleyton is going to be tough to pull out of the pool this week.


  1. Congratulations and welcome home!


  2. Congratulations, welcome home, your family looks great, and I can't wait to meet everyone in the future.

    Lisa and family

  3. YEEE HAAA!!! So glad you made it safely! Love Love Love the picture of Addis and her big brothers! So sweet, they look so proud! And the smile on yours and Sara's faces in the group shot says it ALL! Can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl! CONGRATS!

  4. Congradulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! We are so very happy for you and your family. I so enjoy reading your blog, it keeps me up to date on the family and nothing makes me happier than that. Lisa and family are here to celebrate the 4th. Everyone except me went swimming, I'm waiting for permission to do steps then I'll be in our pool every day:)
    We love you and have a fantastic family filled week.
    Suzanne and Ernie