Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun in HHI

What better way for Addis to spend her first night in America than by staying in a phenomenal house on the 17th tee at Harbour Town? 

Addis is doing great.  She started crawling within 5 minutes of meeting Lleyton! She slept relatively well last night after an incredibly long day of travel and enjoyed her first experience with the swimming pool this morning.  Here is our little beauty resting peacefully shortly after laying down for her first night of sleep in the land she now calls home.

Her she is enjoying the company of her very proud brothers this morning.

To anyone following this blog that happens to be playing the famous Harbour Town Golf Links this week, allow me to apologize for the excess noise near this end of the course.  It is pretty difficult to keep this fun loving family quiet.  Especially when their is a pool with a diving board just steps from the house.


  1. Welcome home. Addis is absolutely precious. Love the photo of proud big brother Parker. :)

  2. what a little darling! So great to see her with those big bros! Gotta get our families together..when the "dust" settles, of course! So happy for all FIVE of you!!:-) Congrats!!