Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup Fever

Never before have I been interested in watching soccer.  I simply do not enjoy the sport.  But that has changed a bit now the World Cup is here.  I have found myself scurrying home to catch the England vs. USA game last weekend, listening on the radio to the Americans take on the Slovenians yesterday, and looking forward to the next match for the red, white, and blue. 

But the coolest part of this World Cup has been hanging with Parker watching the African teams and rooting like heck for them to win.  We were pulling hard today for Samuel Eto'o and his Cameroonian comrades.  Last weekend we were watching from the edge of our seats as Ghana took the pitch. 

Here's our big man taking in the action while wearing his Ethiopia headband and wristband.  You know, just in case he breaks out into a sweat.

I love so many things about our boys, one of them being that they both introduced me to two areas of the world that I would never been connected to.  A couple of years ago I would have never looked twice at what the score was of a soccer match between Cameroon and Denmark, and there I was today pulling for the red, green, and yellow not unlike I pull for the Bengals on any given Sunday. 

Now if only the Russians had a good soccer team.

If you need me tomorrow, in the midst of packing for Ethiopia, taking the boys to Toy Story 3 and preparing for what will hopefully be an epic final round comeback by Tiger Woods, I will be watching the Ivory Coast try to steal a win from those pesky Brazilians.

I love soccer.

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  1. All the boys come home from Ethiopia with those headbands and wristbands. How funny! In fact, Tamirat wore out his wristband and when we go back, I have to pick up a few more.

    I was hoping I could send you something to bring for Obsi, who is at the transition house, but I won't be able to.