Thursday, June 10, 2010


Please keep our very handsome dog Wendell in your thoughts.  We adopted him from a Golden Retriever rescue about a year and a half ago knowing that he was a "senior", but we weren't expecting his health to deteriorate as quickly as it has.  Our buddy has really been struggling as of late and Sara and I are very concerned about him.  

Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. 


  1. How Awesome you will be there when my husband will be. He is staying at the Panorama Hotel and our son is at KVI orphanage. How very beautfitul your family is!!!! I would love to meet your family sometime!

  2. Oh that makes me so sad. We had to do the same thing last summer with our 14 year old golden retriever, and I know it is so so hard. Hope the boys aren't taking it too hard!