Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recap of a fun (exhausting) evening

Parker and his fellow Bats teammates were special guests of the local minor league baseball team this evening.  We were joined by Grammy and Pop to witness our big guy take the field with the Florence Freedom.  Before the game all of the guys and Lleyton and a few of the other boys' brothers were able to get down on the field to get autographs from their new favorite players.  Shortly after rubbing shoulders the major league hopefuls, each of the boys were introduced with a player and ran out onto the field for the national anthem. 

Here are a couple glimpses of the boys before the game.

Following the first pitch, we made our way down to seats in the front row behind home plate.  That is where each of the boys got a chance to sit with their Pop while he taught them the finer points of the game.

We are scheduled to take the boys to their first Reds game this Sunday, but after this evening I am not sure that Lleyton is up to such an outing.  The little man is non-stop action and was pretty tough to handle this evening, so the thought of taking him to Great American Ballpark is a daunting one right now.  I am picturing the little guy wanting to run up and down the aisle, attempting to throw anything he can get his hands on over the railing and onto unsuspecting Reds fans seated below us.  But maybe he would love it and sit quietly watching the Reds dismantle the Royals.  I guess we will never know unless we try. 

Details to come.

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