Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reds #1 fans (thanks to the popcorn)

After last week's Florence Freedom game we were a bit concerned about our upcoming trip to watch the first place Reds. Well, I am happy to report that the boys proved to us that our concerns were unwarranted.

It was a very hot day and Parker had a game of his own this evening, so we didn't quite last 9 innings, but we saw a good portion of the game. Parker had a great time watching the game and Lleyton had a great time eating the popcorn. Here are the fellas enjoying themselves.

While Lleyton is a Reds fan, and he likes it when they score runs, I believe he would rather they played small ball instead of hitting home runs. Reason being, like his father, he isn't the biggest fan of the fireworks that accompany each Reds long ball.

I am also happy to report that no unsuspecting fan beneath us was surprised by a falling object from the hands of Lleyton.  He was too interested in polishing off the popcorn and going to the bathroom every half inning to consider throwing anything over the railing. 

So considering the behavior exhibited by our boys, the fact that we went to a Major League Baseball game and only spent $4.75 (we brought our own drinks), and both boys came away loving the Reds, I would say this outing was an absolute success. 

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  1. We took our son to opening day the last season of the old Reds ballpark. We got tickets from a scalper, MUCH more than we wanted to spend, but it was a memory, right? Bryan never even faced the ballfield. He played with action figures and ate popcorn the entire game! HA! Your post reminded me of that.. love it! Can't wait to see pics of your complete family together soon!