Saturday, June 26, 2010

One step closer to Addis Lidya.

We have arrived in Dubai.  We were greeted by sweltering heat, but it was equalized by very efficient air conditioning.

As cold as Russia is in the dead of winter, it promiseses to be equally hot here tomorrow as we venture out into the desert in the morning and checking out the sights and sounds of Dubai in the afternoon. 

Our hotel is about a driver and an 8 iron from the Burj Khalifa, so that was quite impressive to see as we drove by this evening. 

Tomorrow promises to be very enjoyable but we can't help but want it to go by quickly as we are very anxious to get back on an Emirates flight bound for Ethiopia.  The long leg of the trip is now behind us and knowing that she is only a 4 hour flight away feels very good. 

If you are making a trip to Dubai, I highly recommend the Qamardeen Hotel except for the fact that I am unable to watch the Americans take on Ghana.  Maybe that is a blessing in disguise and I really should retire for the evening.

If you happen to see our boys, tell them we miss them greatly and can't wait to bring their sister home.

By the way, forgive me if there are alot of misspellings in this post, the spell check told me every word was misspelled because I am typing in English and it is looking for misspelled Arabic words.

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  1. YEA!!!!!!!!!! So glad you guys have made it this far! Hope you have a quick, fun day and that you're able to post about your first meeting with Addis (or that we made the email list, ha ha!!) AHHHH!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!Congratulations! Praying for all of you!