Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lleyton impresses again.

With this being our last weekend with the boys before their little sister comes home we wanted to make sure to do a few things the boys really enjoy.  One of those things was taking our little guys to see the much anticipated Toy Story 3 movie. 

Much like our adventure to the Reds game last weekend, we weren't quite sure how Lleyton was going to handle being in a movie theater that long. Once I again I am thrilled to be able to report that he did great.  He loved the movie so much that he was high fiving those around him at the end. 

Parker loved it too.  His first question after leaving the theatre was when can we see Toy Story 4?

Other activities today included watching the Ivory Coast fall to Brazil, watching the US Open, and we enjoyed a visit from one of Lleyton's best friends and her parents.  They hail from Ethiopia and brought us  some incredible Ethiopian food that was leftover from Liya's 3rd birthday party yesterday (we are very excited for dinner tomorrow night).

I had a great Father's Day thanks to Sara and my boys. 

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