Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking forward to Friday.

Could we be in the home stretch towards becoming a family of five?  I certainly hope so. 

The path that led us to where we are today has been nothing short of amazing.  Over the last three years Sara and I have been places and met people that we never would have had we not chosen to adopt. 

We made that choice in December 2006.  About 13 months and three trips to Russia later we arrived home with Lleyton.  Our dreams had come true and the experience along the way led us to yearn to adopt again.

Not too long after bringing our little man home we decided it was time to add on.  After another unsuccessful round of fertility treatments, we made the decision to adopt from Ethiopia.  Our hope was to add an infant girl to our roster.  We applied and were approved to adopt up to two children from Ethiopia, but we had never planned on, or expected to adopt more than one.  That was until we came across the picture of Parker on the internet.  His pictures captivated us, and the videos we received of him sealed the deal.  We made the decision to adopt Parker and then an infant girl.

We arrived home with Park in early June of last year, and as was well documented on this blog, we instantly encountered the toughest stretch of our lives.  After successfully navigating our way through the toughest of times we alerted our agency that we were ready to consider a referral for an infant girl beginning in October. 

Then came October 5th.  An email came from our agency with a picture that will always have a spot in my wallet.  A picture of our little girl.  We accepted her referral and instantly fell in love, just as we had done twice before. 

Month after month went by without any progress with our case.  Throughout those months, we continued to get new pictures and videos of our little girl, and with each one came a greater yearning to get to Ethiopia and bring her home.

Well, here we are, four days away from what will hopefully be another one of those days that we will never forget.  Come this Friday morning I hope to be able to report that our journey to becoming Baby Sister's parents has finally been completed.  The most recent word from our agency is that we are looking good for this Friday.  I know they shouldn't be, but our hopes are high.  We are ready to add our little girl to the family.  We are ready to add another swing to the playset outside. 

These boys are ready to be big brothers to a beautiful baby sister.


  1. I am praying like crazy for you! You are in my thoughts. Thank you for keeping us updated. I can't wait to meet Baby Sister. You are such amazing people!