Sunday, May 30, 2010

Harvoth Ho Down 2010

My sister and brother-in-law throw quite a party every Memorial Day weekend.  Sara and the boys and I made the trip up to Indianapolis this weekend so that we could be there for the festivities, and we weren't disappointed.

After you see a couple of the pictures below, you will understand why I am considering lobbying for a name change.  After experiencing what we did yesterday evening, the Harvoth Hose Down seems to be just as fitting.

The party included more food than they had counter space to handle, enough cold beverages to keep even the thirstiest party goers satisfied, live music by a an up and coming musician in Indianapolis, a bounce house for any children willing to risk their limbs by getting in at the same time as Lleyton, and last but not least, a sprinkler.  Sounds harmless...a sprinkler.  Well, here is what you get when you get Lleyton, Parker, and their cousin Nick together around a sprinkler...

Early on

Getting muddy

Getting muddier

Downright filthy

Time for the hose down

After corralling the boys into the tub and threatening immediate bedtime if they come within 10 feet of the mud again, we were able to get back to the party and catch up with friends and family we don't often get to see. 

Speaking of up and coming singers, no party would be complete without hearing a rousing rendition of the Poison classic Every Rose has its Thorns by my brother-in-law Andy. 

And before I go, just in case Brad Stevens (Butler basketball coach) is reading this, Parker has yet to commit to a college, so if you are interested in landing a top recruit from the class of 2022, shoot me an email.  Don't let UK beat you to the punch (please).  Take a look at this jump shot and hopefully you will agree with me that he would look pretty good in Butler blue. 

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