Sunday, May 23, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Melting Pot

Sara and I have been promising ourselves that we would get a babysitter and go to The Melting Pot for over a year and a half and last night we did it. 

What better way to celebrate a new addition to our family than by sharing in a delicous 4 course meal. 

For those that haven't eaten at a Melting Pot, or other fondue restuarant, stop what you are doing and go now.  You won't regret it.  The food is awesome and seemingly limitless.

Here's what you can expect from a meal at The Melting Pot:

Course 1:
Cheese fondue - We went with the Wisconsin cheddar, with which you dip fruits, vegetables and bread into.

Course 2:
Salad - I went with the California Spring Salad and it was great.  I am not much of a salad guy, but I could eat this salad everyday.

Course 3:
Coq au Vin cooking style - This would be the entree portion of the meal.  We opted for the meal that included filet, sirloin, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables.  Each bite seemed better than the last.

Course 4:
The piece de resistance, Chocolate fondue - We don't vary when it comes to this course.  Our staple has always been the original, which is milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter (we step it up a notch by asking for an additional scoop of peanut butter).  I could eat it with a spoon, but don't have to because they give you bananas, strawberries, pound cake, brownies, rice crispie treats, marshmallows, and cheesecake to dip in it.  UNBELIEVABLE!

This isn't a restaurant that is going to take over for the Rio Grande as a weekly stop, as it is pretty expensive, but for those special occasions, I would rather go nowhere else.

It's one of those restaurants that you go to and wish it was socially acceptable to wear sweatpants to, because by the time it is all said and done you will beyond full and yearning for the comforts of an elastic waistband.

I told the server as we were leaving that we may adopt again, just so we can celebrate with another memorable meal at The Melting Pot.

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