Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reality is setting in.

It wasn't really until last night at dinner that reality truly set in that in a short number of weeks we will have Addis home.  We are very excited about it, but now the nerves have kicked in too.  How is our transition going to go?  How attached is she to her caregivers?  Do we have everything we need?  Do we have time to get everything that we don't have?  When are we going to travel?

The boys don't seem nervous at all.  They are very excited about having a sister.  They can't wait to show her her new room.  They can't wait to kiss her goodnight.  They can't wait to shower her with attention. 

She is in for real treat with these two.

As of right now, it looks like our Embassy date will be either July 1st or July 15th.  

More details to come...

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