Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week in Review

We have had a pretty eventful last week. As we wait anxiously for any type of news out of Ethiopia regarding Baby Sister, we are trying to pack our days full of activities to entertain the kids. Last Saturday began with Parker and I taking a quick trip to the vet with Molly. Let me tell you, Parker enjoyed the vet much more than Molly did.

Keep little Molly in your thoughts as this coming week she will be heading back to the vet to go under the knife to take care of a couple of things. Nothing major, just an issue that she will hopefully be happy to have resolved. I know we will.

After leaving the vet's office, Parker and I headed into Cincinnati to meet our new friends Jarso and Endgada. We were introduced to these two by a mutual friend. Jarso and Endgada make Ethiopian food, so Parker and I were more than willing to purchase some injera and doro wot from them. We picked it up and brought it home and enjoyed it for lunch on Saturday and even had some left over for dinner on Sunday. Here is Parker with our new friend Jarso.

It is so rewarding for me to think that a year ago I knew virtually nothing about Ethiopia, and here we are today, having traveled there and preparing to travel back, loving every second of getting to know more about this wonderful country and culture. Thank you to Jarso and Endgada for welcoming us into their home and sharing with us their delicious Ethiopian fare.

We did add a little American flare with chocolate milk and Kroger brand Cheez Its, but Parker's favorite part was certain the doro wot, and specifically the the eggs. As it turns out, he loves hard boiled eggs.

On Sunday afternoon Sara began feeling under the weather, but this was a different type of under the weather, as it continued to grow worse throughout the evening and night. She hadn't felt well over the past couple of weeks, but she felt so badly on Sunday night into Monday morning that we had no choice but to load the sleeping boys into the car and head to the Emergency Room.

Here are the boys waiting for Sara to muster up enough energy to make it to the car.

Even though it was very late, and we all were quite tired, the boys seemed to almost enjoy the adventure to the hospital. I am happy to report that after about a 3.5 hour stay in the ER, Sara was released and she is feeling much better now than she did a few nights ago (the boys and I headed back home to catch some quick "shut eye" while mommy was nursed back to health, so they weren't hanging out in the waiting room for that entire 3.5 hour period).

So I am hoping the illness is leaving this family, as Lleyton hadn't been feeling very well himself about a week ago. This boy is usually non-stop action, so when he came home from school one day and laid down on the couch like this, we knew he wasn't feeling well.

He, like his mother, bounced back quickly.

Our days are now, again, filled with anxious waiting, as we have yet to get the good news from Ethiopia that our paperwork has been submitted to court. The hold up is that our agency's staff in Ethiopia has been unable to collect Baby Sister's paperwork from her orphanage. Our agency director has told us not to worry, that her paperwork would be submitted, it is just taking longer than expected. So we have no other choice than to just sit by the phone and computer and wait for the good word that her paperwork is in the hands of the right people and all of our documents have been submitted to court. But until we get that news, we will be on pins and needles hoping that nothing unforeseen happens, because we are in love with little girl.


I also want to say happy belated Veteran's Day to all veterans out there. Over the past couple of years, Sara and I have done some extensive traveling outside of the US, and after each trip I have come home with a greater appreciation for this country.

For those of you that put yourself in harms way to protect and preserve what we, in this house, are very grateful for, THANK YOU.

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