Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Waiting (less) patiently

Here we are, almost 45 days since accepting the referral for what we already consider our beautiful baby daughter, waiting, wondering, and worrying. We are used to the ups and downs of adoption, but you certainly never enjoy the downs. One of the downs is waiting on the unknown.

We are yearning for answers to our questions. As far as we know, this delay can be attributed to the orphanage that Baby Sister is living in has been very slow in getting her paperwork to our agency. I have all of the confidence in the world that our agency is doing everything they can to get the paperwork, but I just wish we could get past this and get the paperwork and be submitted to court.

Of course, our worst fear is that for some reason Baby Sister won't be ours, but we have been told that is highly unlikely, and that this is simple a case of an orphanage dragging their feet. But for 43 days?

I never lose sight of how fortunate that we have been with our first two adoptions going relatively smoothly. Relatively smooth in Russian terms meaning only being being told at the last minute that our travel plans have changed, twice. The paperwork part of Parker's adoption was a breeze, from beginning to end, the whole process only took 5 months, and without any hiccups. So we are used to process going smoothly, that is one reason this is so troubling. That and the undeniable fact that we are in love with this little baby girl that is waiting for us in Ethiopia and we want to travel to get her as soon as we can.

This issue may seem minor to someone from afar, but let me tell you it is getting more and more difficult each day. I have taken it upon myself to call our agency each week, hoping that there will be good news, but also knowing that if there was good news, we would have been called.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for giving us a place to air our emotions, good and bad. Hopefully something will happen soon. I am looking forward to posting about all of this being behind us and what we are doing to prepare the house for our newest addition.

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