Sunday, November 1, 2009


We wrapped up a fun filled couple of days full of Halloween activities. It all began with a costume parade at the boys' daycare on Friday morning.

All the kids were instructed to sit with their respective classes, but Batman and Robin couldn't be separated, so they sat together.

The Saturday fun first led us to Kokomo so that boys could model their superhero looks for their grandparents. They didn't disappoint. We had such a nice time visiting with Sara's mom and grandparents, and then onto her dad's house. The boys love making that jaunt to Kokomo.

After wrapping up our visit, we quickly jumped in the Batmobile and headed to Nick and Drew and Claire's house for some trick or treating. The boys (and Sara and myself) had a blast. Here are the pictures to prove it.



Cousin Drew was Batman as well, so these two stuck together while trick or treating, as Parker and Claire did what all good big brothers and sisters do and utilized their longer legs and ran ahead to scout out the houses for the little ones.

Speaking of Claire and Parker...

Grammy and Pop surprised everyone as they unveiled their newest look.

What would Halloween be without a couple refreshing beverages? Uncle Jason, not surprisingly, took the lead on that and happily served as our mixologist for the evening.

The anticipation for this Halloween was greater than any other I have experienced, as Parker was just so excited, and his excitement certainly wore off on Lleyton as well. I will be the first admit that Halloween has never been my favorite day of the year, but after days like yesterday, it is moving up the list rather quickly.

Thanks for Megan and Jason for being our gracious hosts again this year, please save a room for us for next year as well.

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  1. What fun!! Halloween is best when spent with others.