Sunday, November 22, 2009


I would like to formally retract my statement about the Bengals reaching the Super Bowl this year. Although if you noticed, I think Alice did this for me minutes after I posted about my dream scenario of a Bengals Super Bowl and a Bearcats BCS National Championship Game. Thanks Alice, for bringing me back down to Earth. You're probably right, Peyton Manning might take issue with my plan.

Although I am confident that it could happen, it seems that just as soon as I get to the point where I think this Bengals team could be the one that takes me on that journey I have been eagerly awaiting since that fateful night in 1989, when Joe Montana ripped my 9 year old heart out, they then go out and lose to the Oakland Raiders in a gut wrenching fashion only seen during Bengals games.

This is one of those losses though that I am not overly distraught by, because I am certain there is an adoptive dad in Pittsburgh right now doing the same thing I am, taking up space on his blog that was designed to update family and friends on the happening in his family's life, writing about how he can't believe that his beloved Steelers just managed to lose to the lowly Chiefs. I am sure he is lamenting about the fact that if the Steelers could have just made a tackle or two in overtime, they could be again tied with the Bengals for the division lead. What do I say to that guy? I feel your pain (and I hope your Steelers lose every game remaining on their schedule).

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