Thursday, November 26, 2009


We packed up the boys and headed over to Grammy and Pop's house this afternoon to spend some quality time with the family. All of my siblings and their children were in attendance, so there was non-stop action. Mother, once again, put together a wonderful meal. She tried out a new stuffing recipe, and in my opinion, it was a huge success (she makes a mean batch of stuffing, no matter what recipe). We spent a good portion of the afternoon outside staging our first family Turkey Bowl. I am glad to report no one came away injured. Here were the participants (Claire is not pictured, but she represented the girls very well).

After we wrapped up our game, we headed inside to prepare for our feast. I wish I could report that Parker tried a bunch of new foods and loved every one of them, but I can't. He remains pretty picky. He did enjoy the rolls, which I think he had six of, and he loved the pumpkin pie and ice cream. Lleyton picked his way through some ham, turkey, mac and cheese, and stuffing. He is fairly picky as well. They will grow out of that.

Here are Lleyton and Avery enjoying each other's company at the little people table.

As all of the festivities were slowing down and the adults were growing tired, the kids had a great idea about how to keep the fun going...a spontaneous dance party!

Lleyton and Parker both have great moves, as do their cousins. I just love the way in the next video that Lleyton can switch from a Patrick Swayze like slide move into an Elaine Benes like kick move in a matter of seconds.

We are very thankful to have such intelligent, funny, talented, adaptive, caring, affectionate, resilient, and strikingly handsome little guys.

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