Monday, October 5, 2009

Rocky Top

This past Saturday was our annual pilgrimage to Knoxville for a day full of fun on the Tennessee River. If you are a fan of college football and you enjoy everything that comes along with it (tailgating), Knoxville is the place for you.

This year we stepped it up a notch and rented a houseboat and had a prime spot in the middle of the Vol Navy. Good times were had by all.

A special thanks goes out to the people of Tennessee for being the nicest folks this side of the Mississippi. In the words of Lloyd Christmas in the critically acclaimed movie DUMB AND DUMBER, "I love these laid back country folks." Those same fine people of Tennessee offered a buddy and myself a bite of a moonshine soaked plum. A very kind gesture in and of itself, but I wouldn't highly recommend trying anything associated with moonshine to anyone else.

While we were gone for the day, the boys got the chance to spend lots of quality time with Grandma Susie and Grandpa Don. They had a blast. Another special thanks goes Grandma and Grandpa for coming down and allowing Sara and I to go join 18 of our closest friends in SEC country.

Here are a few pics from our adventure.

The Vol Navy remains strong although the Volunteers are having a bit of an off year.

Husband and wife, Emily and Andy, face off in a Battle of Titans flippy cup match up. Andy won by the slimmest of margins...

But Emily didn't let the first loss deter her, and came right back and made the finals of the next game, only to again lose by an even slimmer margin. Well done Emily, I am certain Mom and Dad are beaming with pride as they read this.

The vessel with the maroon top was our home for the day.

We came back from Tennessee only to find Wendell had three legs. (For the faint of heart, he did not actually lose a leg, but it sure looks like he did)

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