Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas in October

Today as I arrived home for work I went through my usual routine of letting the dogs outside and getting the mail. The first task came and went without any surprises (thankfully), but with the mail today came a wonderful and unexpected gift from our agency, a DVD of our little girl. We are so grateful that we picked the best agency going. I can't imagine working with a more thoughtful and supportive agency than CCI.

Needless to say, the boys and Sara and myself were very excited to see our pride and joy, Baby Sister, appearing before us for the first time on our family room TV. The video is about 5-10 minutes long and features her in her crib, even cooing at the camera for brief instant, and her drinking a bottle. I am sure that doesn't sound too exciting to the layperson, but to us, it was one of the best movies we have ever seen. She is beautiful! A little girl fit for the big screen.

Lleyton could be heard a few times throughout the movie saying, "She is cute!". Parker demonstrated how he was going to hold her while feeding her a bottle. Priceless.

Here are the boys enjoying the movie.

Being the old pros that we are at adopting, Sara and I know that these processes come with plenty of high and lows (similar to a Bengals season). We try to never get too high with the good times, or too low with the bad, but it is difficult containing our excitement about today's surprise delivery.

Now we have a video, just like during Parker's adoption, that we can turn on in the evenings after work (maybe I will even pull out some of my finest Ethiopian dance moves during the opening music) and we can watch our little girl, in living color, right in the comfort of our family room. A room that hopefully in about 5 months from now she will be with us in, safely in the arms of a mom and dad and two fantastic older brothers.

Thank you Sue and Angela for making our day today, and many more to come.

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