Monday, October 19, 2009

Brothers, and best friends

Who would have thought that a little boy born in Samara, Russia and a slightly older boy from Kamashi, Ethiopia would be brothers and best friends? (Their comfortability and affection for each other is very clearly depicted in the above seen candid photo I caught of the two of them in the car this past Saturday.)

I can't begin to tell you how cool it is to watch these two little guys interact with each other. Lleyton is constantly making Parker laugh. If it's not with his booty shaking dance moves, it is with his gravity defying gymnastic abilities. It never fails, if mom and dad are out of the room, Lleyton can be heard saying, "Watch this, Parker!." That infamous line is almost undoubtedly followed by the loud thud of Lleyton's undersized body landing comfortably on his feet accompanied by Parker's uncontrollable laugh, as if to say, "My brother is crazy!."

I have written this on here before, and you will certainly see it again, I can't believe how fortunate Sara and I are to have these two little guys in our lives. Every day is a new adventure (not all adventures are as enjoyable as the next, but the not-so-enjoyable ones are becoming fewer). I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us and these little boys and their beloved little sister that they know only from the photos they so covet. Regarding that topic, it was so cool to be at a restaurant the other night (our Friday night hangout, the Rio Grande) and to see Lleyton showing the server a picture of our little girl and proudly proclaiming, "That's my baby sister!"

There aren't two boys in the world that will be better big brothers than Lleyton and Parker. How can I be so sure? If they protect her with the the same vigor that they protect that photo, I can't be wrong.

Parker is already excited about teaching baby sister the alphabet. He told me just this morning on the way to school that he wants to watch The Letter Factory DVD with her and teach her the ABC's. How cool is that? I am sure as soon as Parker has finished his English lesson with her, Lleyton will be right there eagerly waiting to show her his new found dance move, or acrobatic, highly flying, stunt.

As the days pass by, and we wait with bated breath to hear about a court date, we can't help but slow down and watch these boys grow into quite a tandem. A tandem that is not afraid to admit a beautiful little girl into the club.

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