Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day

Today was to be a day of fun and games for Lleyton, Parker and myself, as I have the day off for Columbus day. But Parker lobbied hard this morning for me to take him into school (daycare) b/c he wanted to hang with his friends. Some might be offended by that, but I was kind of happy that he is so eager to hang out with other little people that he would sacrifice an afternoon with Dad and Lleyton to spend some quality time at school.

We did have a good time this morning as we ventured downtown to have lunch with Sara. Parker was so excited to see where the Bengals play and see of the tall buildings. As we were driving past Paul Brown Stadium, he wondered where the Steelers play and why he couldn't see there stadium. I am going to have to do some digging into where this quasi-Steelers fascination is coming from and put a quick end to it. I am all for him being his own person and rooting for another team, maybe the Colts, the Bears, the Browns, anyone but the Steelers (and Ravens).

Here are a couple shots we took of Lleyton and Parker yesterday as Sara completed her masterpiece, the scarecrow in the front yard. Lleyton was sick all weekend and into today, but he mustered up enough energy to work his way outside for the unveiling.

Parker made a couple new friends this weekend too, as we walked over to a farm just down the street to see the cows.

No news on our little one in Addis Ababa. We do know that she has been to see a doctor and we are just waiting to get the results from her bloodwork. We are really hoping to hear something this week so that we can sign on the dotted line officially commit to her (our hearts have already committed).

Hopefully this week will bring with it good news.

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