Saturday, October 24, 2009

BCS bound

Parker and I were in attendance this afternoon as the Cincinnati Bearcats continued to pave the road to another BCS bowl game. Last year was the Orange Bowl, and hopefully this year they will shake things up even more with an improbable appearance in the BCS National Championship Game. Now, many things would have to fall their way for that to happen, but it is cool think about nonetheless.

Our seats were right behind the Bearcats bench, and fortunate for us, one of the many notables on the sidelines this afternoon was the Cincinnati native, 2 time World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox first basemen Kevin Youkilis. Parker did turn very bashful when he came over to get a picture taken with us, but Youk (as I call him now) coaxed him into taking his head off my shoulder for at least one snapshot.

I know he just signed a huge deal with the Red Sox this past off season, so the likelihood of him leaving Boston anytime soon isn't great, but he sure would look good in a Red's uniform (no offense to Joey Votto, if he happens to be reading this).

Just as bashful as he was to get his picture taken with a Big Leaguer, Parker was equally excited to get his picture taken with the Bearcat mascot. I am thinking he doesn't quite grasp the concept of a mascot yet, because he asked me if the Bearcat was real and why he was walking on his back legs.

Parker's first football game was a huge success. He asked if we could come back every Saturday. That won't be possible, but we will surely make it an annual outing at least.

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