Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Eve

We have been virtually locked in the house over the past few weeks due to such cold weather, so needless to say we try to find as many things to do as we can to keep the kids from going crazy (easier said than done).  One thing we took advantage of was the upcoming Valentine's Day.  We decided to make this holiday more than just one day, so Sara made each kid a mailbox and if they behaved each day they each got to retrieve the special treat inside the mailbox.

We weren't afraid to borrow a cool idea for the boys Valentines for their classmates  from one of Sara's favorite blogs.

I think they turned out great.

This morning rolled around with a little fanfare as the kids opened up a couple of Valentine's Day gifts.

After taking down some delicious muffins that Sara cooked up, I loaded the little ones into the car and headed over to deliver some Valentine's cheer to my Great Aunt Sheila.

We plan on rounding out our Valentine's Day eve with some chocolate fondue for dessert tonight.  I am a sucker for chocolate fondue, so luckily I just got my workout in for the day and won't feel too guilty indulging this later this evening.


  1. Love the mailbox idea!!! I'll have to try that one next year, or adapt it for the next holdiday...hmmmmm.

    Enjoy your "sweeties" this Valentine's Day!!

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I already thought I would be stealing that same valentine idea next year when Eva's in school! :o) Love it!