Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Any day now...

We have been battling the flu, colds, coughs, fevers, you name it, we've had it in this house over the past month.  

I am ready for it all to go away.  Yesterday afternoon Lleyton came down with a fever at daycare, and daycare doesn't take too many chances with that sort of thing spreading so Sara picked him up and did her best to work from home while the little man rested.  This morning the fever was almost gone so I suited him up with the other kids and took him into school.  Not five minutes after walking through the front door of the daycare on my way to work I got the call that I had to turn around.  His fever was ever so slowing creeping back up toward 101.

So he and I have been hanging at home today.  I was home last week for three days with the flu, and Sara was lucky enough to catch that too so she was home with me for two of those days.  Luckily Parker and Addy have been able to kick their immune systems into high gear and have yet to come down with anything.  My fingers are crossed that doesn't change.  I would much rather use my time off from work on a sunny beach or at Disney World than at home in the freezing cold. 

Here is how my little man has spent a good bit of his day...

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