Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mr. Mom: Bakers in Training

Before Sara left on her trip she jokingly said that she would like to arrive home to the delicious sounding strawberry cake she had just been given the recipe for.

Her wish is our command. 

I was really looking forward to this evening's activity all day long because I knew how excited the kids were to bake a cake for their mommy.  I made a quick trip to the grocery store (Kroger, of course) over my lunch and picked up the ingredients and rushed home after work to make sure we had enough time to put quite a bit of TLC into our creation. 

The kids did not disappoint.  Each was more than eager to jump in wherever necessary. 

Here are the future Food Network stars...

Move over Bobby Flay, Lleyton is prepared to throw down with the best of 'em.

Parker stepped aside and let the little ones do the most of the work, but he was up to the task of helping mix the ingredients.

Heads up Paula Deen, this little looker has a face made for TV and she is a big fan of the chef's hat.

She also worked her imaginary runway in an apron that she wore just like it was a designer dress.

The finished product.