Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sara and I had the pleasure of introducing Parker and Lleyton to IU basketball today.  My mom and dad watched the Addster while we braved the unexpected adverse weather and made our way to Bloomington.  Our first stop was a quick visit to my old stomping grounds, Yogis.  We met my friend Rob there and enjoyed a quick bite to each and a cold beverage before making our way over to the hallowed grounds of Assembly Hall. 

I'll have to be honest, walking into Assembly we weren't sure if we would make it much longer than a few minutes as Lleyton was pretty wound up and settings like the one we were about to enter don't typically work well for our little man.  That being said, I am thrilled to report that we made it all the way through the game and Lleyton did great.  He and Parker really enjoyed the game, the atmosphere, the students, and the whole experience. 

My goal for the day was to turn Parker into an IU fan and I think we may have done that.  I have had about enough of him saying UK is his favorite team. It's time that IU occupies that spot in his heart. 

A little time at midcourt after the game always helps solidify the the new feelings of love for the Hoosiers.  (I have been a fan of IU since birth, including the 4 years I spent their in college, and I am not sure I have ever been at half court)

The boys were enjoying themselves long before our trip to to midcourt...

Both boys were big fans of sitting so close to the student section, as they liked to emulate what the rowdy kids were doing. Thankfully they didn't imitate the rather colorful cheers the students had for the opposing players and referees. We aren't quite ready for our little guys to use such language.

Lleyton loved the basketball action, but I'm not sure he didn't like watching the cheerleaders during timeouts just as much.  Our hands are full with this little man.

Picking up some very cool IU gear at the game certainly doesn't hurt our chances of the Hoosiers occupying the top spot in our boys' hearts.

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  1. That is some cool IU gear and quite handsome models! Roman picked out an IU jersey a few weeks he'd only be too happy to join this bandwagon of IU supporters!