Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sunday lunch to remember

One of Lleyton's best friends at daycare happens to the beautiful daughter of an Ethiopian couple that lives near us. They were so gracious as to invite us over for a traditional Ethiopian meal yesterday for lunch, and it was fantastic!

I highly recommend you try doro wot if you are ever at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was superb. Also on the menu was kitfo. Parker always asks for injera and kitfo. Kitfo, in its most popular form in Ethiopia is raw ground meat, but our host served it cooked, thinking that Sara and I might like it better that way. Well, as we quickly learned, Parker likes his raw, because he was unwilling to try it due to the fact that it had been cooked.

Joining doro wot and kitfo on the menu for lunch were a spinach dish, a pork dish, and a cheese popular in Ethiopia. Again, Sara, Parker, and I loved the food and can't thank the family enough. We will certainly return the favor some day soon and have them over to our house, but as I told them, I can't promise near as good of a meal as they served us.

Along with affording us the opportunity to love and nurture children we would never would have known or met, adoption has also introduced us to people and cultures that we also never would have met or been exposed to. That benefit has proven to be very enjoyable with both Lleyton and Parker's adoptions.

I don't proclaim to be the most religious of persons, but what a blessing these children have been in so many ways. We have known from the day we decided to adopt, but days like yesterday clearly illustrate and reinforce how fortunate Sara and I are to be able to have brought Lleyton and Parker into our growing family.

Alot of people tell us how lucky Lleyton and Parker are to have been adopted by us, but I have to say that Sara and I are the lucky ones.

Lleyton and Liya enjoying each other's company while the mommy's and daddy's partake in an Ethiopian feast.

Sorry for another open mouth shot, but here is Parker enjoying the doro wot, which includes hard boiled eggs (that's what he is eating). The doro wot is the red, stew like item on his plate. He also has injera (rolled up), kitfo (looks like taco meat), and the pork dish.

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