Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Glimpse into the future

Due to Lleyton's petite size, we have always said that he may be well suited to be a jockey. By the looks of this, we are liking our prediction.

Sara and I made a trip up to Chicago this weekend, without the children. We just went for one night, but it was quite relaxing nonetheless. The boys we afforded the opportunity to spend some quality time with Grammy and Pop in our absence. Time with Grammy and Pop meant a visit to one of the local horse tracks, plenty of time in the convertible, and staying up later than usual.

Rumor has it, Parker was handicapping the ponies from the minute he walked into River Downs. If he were of age, he would have put $2 on #9. When asked again tonight who his favorite horse was, he said "Number 9, I LOVE!." Good thing he didn't make that wager, as #9 ended up finishing 4th.

Here they are watching the horses head to the post. As is clearly evident in this picture, Lleyton has his head on a swivel, probably keeping his eyes peeled for pretty little girls, but Parker on the other hand, is intently watching the horses to see which one has the most impressive gait.

After a morning of betting horses, there's not much better than dropping the top and taking a quick snooze as the wind blows through your hair.

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