Saturday, September 26, 2009

A little slice of Americana

The arrival of the last weekend of September always brings with in Fall Fest in Lawrenceburg. Fall Fest is Americana at its finest. The combination of free country music (Willie Nelson himself headlined last night's lineup), fair food, free carnival rides, and airbrushed tee shirts brings people in from far and wide, and we wouldn't miss it.

We ventured over this afternoon and the boys loved it. They rode rides, played games, ate funnel cakes, and showed off their temporary tattoos.

Sidenote: Our first stab at potty training has led us to reward Lleyton with a temporary tattoo each time he goes to the bathroom by himself. As you can see from his well decorated abs, he is enjoying going to the bathroom.

Here are a few pics of our boys enjoying Fall Fest 2009.

It's pretty amazing when I sit and think that less than 4 months ago Parker was living in an orphanage in a very remote village along the Ethiopian and Sudanese border and today he was enjoying a festival in my hometown in Indiana. The magnitude of the change that he has endured is mind boggling. Although the transition has been difficult at times, I must say it has been fascinating as well. The boy just soaks up everything around him and won't stop asking questions. He must be the most inquisitive person ever. His language has progressed much faster than we could have imagined and he is now ever beginning to learn how to spell words (he has mom, dad, pop, and Parker down pat).

He told us today he was interested in going to college at either Butler, Tennessee, or Indiana. We will probably hold off on gathering applications, but I am considering urging him to attend Tennessee, as I wouldn't mind being a fixture in the Vol Navy on those sun kissed autumn afternoons in Knoxville.

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