Saturday, September 12, 2009

Future small business owner?

After having almost completed our downstairs flooring project, we decided we wanted to have our upstairs carpet cleaned as well. With that, came the realization that Lleyton is very intrigued by carpet cleaning vans, hoses, sprayers, pumps, you name it, anything carpet cleaning.

Here he is sitting outside this afternoon watching the carpet cleaning van as it sits idle in the driveway pumping whatever it pumps through those hoses into our house.

We have always said he has housekeeping in his blood, jockeying in his blood, and gymnastics in his blood. Come to find out he may also have carpet cleaning in his blood.

America needs more small business owners, so if 20 years down the road you call on Ritzmann Brothers Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, you will know that the dream started on this beautiful September day.

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