Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top Gun

As it turns out, we ended up making a whirlwind trip down to Florida this past weekend. After Lleyton fended off the croup, we jumped in the car and headed south. Luckily, we had a place to stay in Atlanta on Friday night, so we didn't have to make the whole drive at one time. Once arriving in Florida we settled in for a bit and then headed over to Rob's naval base. Lleyton really seemed quite comfortable behind the controls of one of the planes. I think he is leaning toward being a pilot later in life.

It was nice to get down to Florida and meet little Nolan and see Rob and Rachel and Brian and Kim also made the trip down from frigid Chicago. We relaxed on Saturday night, drank a few Blue Moons, played a little Wii, and ate like kings and queens (thanks to Rob's much better than average domestic skills). The problem came when Lleyton's sickness came back on Saturday night into Sunday morning. The poor guy had a terrible cough combined with a fever and just wasn't feeling well. Under normail circumstances, we wouldn't have jumped back into the car, less than 24 hours since we arrived, but in this instance we did so b/c we didn't want to infect Nolan with any kind of illness. He is unscathed thus far in his short life and I didn't want to be the one to change that.

So we took off around noon on Sunday and headed back towards Atlanta. After a brief stop in Montgomery to eat and pick up some Yuengling, and another stop in Auburn to acquire a humidifier for Lleyton, we arrived back in Atlanta in time for the Steelers/Ravens titanic struggle. So thanks to Kevin and Sandi for hosting us for two nights this weekend, their accomadations were much appreciated.

I am happy to report that Lleyton is feeling better now. But the Dreaded Sign was posted on the door of his room yesterday at daycare. There has been a case of Strep Throat in his room, so we are preparing for the worst.

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