Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Our poor little buddy has come down with Croup. I had no idea what that was until I saw the Dreaded Sign on the door of his classroom at daycare. If any child in the room comes down with an illness, they post the Dreaded Sign on the door. This sign is just a white sheet of paper, but the writing is always in bold red ink and it outlines what illness has been present in the room and how many cases there have been. The sign itself doesn't sound bad enough to warrant the name Dreaded Sign, I know, but the thing of it is, every time there is a sign posted, Lleyton ends up with that particular illness (examples: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, Pink Eye). Thus, I have named the sheet of paper the Dreaded Sign because we are guaranteed to have a sick little buddy on our hands if the sign is on the door. The biggest problem with this particular illness is that it is contagious. We have been looking forward to our trip to Florida this weekend to see Rob and Rachel and meet Nolan, but if Lleyton doesn't get better we are going to have to postpone because we don't want spread this illness to Nolan. So we are aggressively treating the illness with a humidifier and Children's Tylenol. Cross your fingers that our little man gets better in just a couple of days and we can still make the trip down. Rob purchased a small keg of Blue Moon for our visit and it would pain me greatly not to be able to help him drink it.

UPDATE - 1/15/09

Not only did the crossing of my fingers not help to heal Lleyton quickly enough for us to depart for Florida this afternoon, but it just so happens that Sara has caught the illness now as well. Lleyton's doctor confirmed for us yesterday that it was, in fact, croup. She put him on a steroid to try to knock it out and she was hopeful he would kick it in a day or so. He isn't any better today than he was yesterday, but maybe with another day away from school/daycare he will be able to rest and get better. Sara is staying home from work today as well, in an attempt to get healthy again.

The strange part of this is that the last time we were to visit Rob and Rachel we were unable to make that trip as well because of a last second plan change. So I am hoping that if we can't make it this weekend to their house that we will be invited again. We are dying to meet the newest addition to the group, Nolan.

*For those that are unfamiliar with the Snuggie (The Blanket with Arms), that is what I am wearing in the picture above. On occasion, infomercials get the best of me.

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