Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sacrifices made in the name of adoption

As I sit here typing this, many of my best friends undoubtedly are in the midst of a heated game of Sink the Bismark at Nick's in Bloomington.

After leaving Nick's I am sure they will venture across the street to Upstairs for an AMF or two and then probably head up to Sports or the Bird in an attempt to relive the many nights spent in those establishments years ago in our heyday.

Sara and I certainly wish that we were there with them, but saving up for an adoption trumps spending the night in Bloomington. This isn't the first time in the past few months we have had to sacrifice hanging out with friends in the name of saving money. Other notable instances, no annual new years trip to Kiawah, no annual weekend trip to Knoxville to join the Vol Navy, no new years trip to Big Canoe, no upcoming trip to Chicago for St. Patricks Day, and I am sure there will be more.

Am I jealous of them being there right now and not me? Yes, but that jealousy has been far outweighed by the enjoyment that I had this evening grocery shopping for Super Bowl items with Lleyton, with the enjoyment of the impromptu dance party that we had listening to African music, and with the enjoyment that is certainly going to be had tomorrow watching the Super Bowl with my little man and Sara.

Hopefully this time next year our dance parties and Super Bowl party will be even bigger. Details on the size of the party to be determined...

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