Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Application submitted

After frantically compiling all kinds of information for our dossier and Gladney application and homestudy, we decided to switch agencies. Nothing against Gladney, we were just very impressed with Celebrate Children International. The director of the agency reminds us quite a bit of the director of our agency we used for Lleyton's adoption, Kids First, and that is a good thing.

CCI's office is located in Florida, but they have assisted in many adoptions for families living in Kentucky. After submitting our application today, we now have to try to wrap up all of the documents for our dossier. Compared to all of the documents that were required by Russia, the list for Ethiopia seems quite short. I am sure there could be a bump in the road here or there, but as of now, we are really enjoying the way Ethiopia operates.

We met with our homestudy provider on Friday afternoon and have a follow up meeting scheduled for this coming Friday. Hopefully the homestudy can be written and submitted to INS within the next week. After that, the INS will take a look at it and (hopefully) give us their blessing to bring a baby into our lives.

More updates to come as we progress.

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