Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adoption updates

Sara and I had our appointment this morning for our fingerprints. One of the many steps we have to go through before the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) says that we are allowed to bring an adopted child home from another country. My fingerprints came out great. Sara, on the other hand, didn't have such luck. The lady taking her fingerprints scolded her for not using lotion and said that her fingerprints may have to be redone at a later date if they weren't deemed acceptable.

Our home study has been completed, so we are just waiting to receive the original so that we can take it to be apostilled in Frankfort. Our dossier is almost completed, we have to update one form and we are waiting on two more forms from our agency, then I will be able to take it to Indianapolis to get the Great Seal. After that, we can send it down the road to Washington and on to Ethiopia.

We were sent a video of a waiting child in Ethiopia. Older children (3+ years old) who are up for adoption are deemed to be "waiting children." Sara and I requested more information on one of these children. The video gave us a much better insight into what life is like in the remote villages of Ethiopia.

This particular little boy we were looking at was about 5 years old, they really don't know how old most of the children are b/c there is not birth certificate when they are born in these remote places. He is cute as a button. We aren't sure which direction we are going to go with his adoption regarding age. At first, we were only considering infants, but now we are also considering waiting children. More details to come...

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