Thursday, July 19, 2012

We made it to Seoul, and we love it here.

After a very long trip across the globe, we arrived in Seoul this evening.   We had big plans of getting ot hotel and then quickly jumping over to catch a baseball game, but the lack of quality of sleep on the plane, accompanied by only a few hours of sleep the night before left led us to scrap that plan.  We did venture out of the hotel a bit ago and we loved what we saw.  From the brief bit we have been here, we can tell Seoul is an incredible city.

We have a wake up call scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6, which should give us adequate time to get up, get ready and gather our thoughts and emotions prior to meeting the boy we traveled all of this way for at 10am.

It's difficult to describe the emotions that we are feeling as tomorrow morning rapidly approaches.  Nervous would certainly be one way.  The excitement is there as well, but nerves typically get the best of me prior to the first meeting with each of the kids.  Sara is feeling the same nerves.  We have been so busy over the past 6 months workin day and night to get the house where we wanted it to be for Camden's arrival, and due to all of the time it took to complete the basement we feel that maybe we haven't adequately prepared for how we would like tomorrow morning to go.  Hopefully those feelings are put at ease shortly after we meet him. 

The plan for the week is this...we meet him tomorrow morning and he will spend the weekend with his foster mother before we meet with him again on Monday, at which time he will be ours for good.  So we have the weekend to explore his hometown.  We have a guided food tour sheduled for Saturday night that will take us through some of Seoul's most well known areas and affording us the chance to enjoy the food and drink that is one of the hallmarks of the city.  We are hoping to take a bus tour of the city, and visit some of the historical places around town, and if the weather cooperates we may head out of town and do some hiking in the mountains surrounding the city. 

Should be alot of fun. 

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  1. If you get a chance, I've been told there's a children's theme park called "Everland" near Seoul that's supposed to be a lot like Disneyland. That might be a fun distraction if you need one. We've talked about taking the kids to Seoul, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about the city (and what they think about your family).
    I hope your meeting Camden goes well! Just keep taking deep breaths :)