Thursday, July 19, 2012

The day has come to meet Camden.

Forgive this post if it is a bit redundant, I was half asleep when I typed the one last night...

This city is awesome. The ride from the airport to the city was really interesting. We were both surprised at the almost tropical feel that you have here. It probably has to do with the airport being quite close to a sea of some sort and it being monsoon season, which makes everything very lush. We got to our hotel, which is incredible by the way, quite possibly the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in and made our way up to our rooms and then quickly ventured out in the town to try to find Diet Coke. The area we are staying in is very nice, our hotel is directly on top of a very nice mall and incredibly nice subway station. Looking out the window we can see there are two children's playground just across the street, which will presumably come in quite handy starting on Monday, given that another typhoon doesn't hit here like it did shortly before we got here yesterday.

We are nervous about meeting our little guy. Excited and nervous both. Meeting each of the kids always leaves permanent memories ingrained in our heads. We are 0-3 on that perfect moment that you might imagine meeting your child looks like in your dreams. Lleyton was very sick looking and we could tell from the minute we met him that he most likely had what we thought could be significant special needs, Parker was very scared and standoffish, and Addy was bald and recovering from a serious illness. Here's hoping that Camden bucks the trend. I'm not asking that he run into our arms and proclaim his love for us in English and Korean, just something between the other kids experiences and what our dreams look like.

This morning, since we were both up just after 4am, I spent a little time exploring the hotel and trying to learn how the subway system works. Heaven forbid we take the wrong route and miss our appt with Camden and his foster mother.

The very nice women at the front desk have mapped out our route for us and included a couple of restaurant recommendations for us that we will hopefully can find and enjoy after meeting Camden.

If you're ever in Seoul, I would not hesitate to recommend you stay at the Sheraton D-Cube City Hotel. We feel quite a bit spoiled.

Next time you hear from us we will have met the little guy we came here to fall in love with.

Wish us luck!

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