Thursday, July 19, 2012

He is a wild man!

Look out Lleyton, mom and I are pretty sure you met your match.  We just arrived back from our meeting with Camden and we couldn't stop talking about how crazy our little guy is all the way back on the subway. 

He is unbelievable!  He is as active as Lleyton and as animated as Addy.  Look out Union, KY (or Kentucky as a whole), a wild man is about to call you home. 

The meeting went great.  It was his social worker, foster mother, and Sara and I along with him in a room watching him play with everything in sight while Sara asked and received answers to many pertinent questions.  What does he like to eat?  Seaweed.  Looks like we might have to venture outside of KY to satisfy this guys cravings. 

He loves having his picture taken, which is a good thing.  He loves Porroro cartoons, which is a good thing, as we loaded a ton of them onto the iPad for the ride home.  He loves playing outside, he doesn't love sharing toys (look out brothers and sister), he is all around hoot. 

Here he is...

More pictures to come, it is taking too long to upload right now and we haven't eaten anything other than jelly beans and granola bars in days.  Off to find food.


  1. What a cute little guy! Glad your 1st meeting went great! Keep the updates coming:)

  2. Thinking about you constantly. He is adorable! So thankful that you are there with him and are only days away from bringing him home. He is certainly a lucky man to be joining the Ritzmann family.