Monday, June 20, 2011

Help find Lauren Spierer (

For a number of reasons I can’t seem to get my mind off of a family I have never met before in Bloomington, IN.

The family of Lauren Spierer has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now. In case you don’t know, Lauren is a 20 year old sophomore at IU who disappeared in the early morning hours of Friday, June 3. I have been following along on Twitter ever since (@NewsOnLaurenS) in hopes that the next time I check she will have been found safely. That news has yet to come.

I have spent countless enjoyable nights out on the town in Bloomington over the years. Not one of those nights did I feel unsafe. That’s one of the reasons the story of this disappearance has captured my attention as it has.

Another undeniable reason this story has affected me is that I know someday Addy is going to grow up and likely head off to college (she may even follow in dad’s footsteps and head to Bloomington).   Probably not much unlike the feelings Lauren's parents had when she left for college, I feel that when I am with Addy I can protect her, but when she takes off to school it will be hard not to be concerned about her safety.

Sadly, the Spierer's concerns have become a reality.

A request was made today via Twitter asking for help continuing to spread the word about Lauren. When you have a minute, jump over to or follow @NewsOnLaurenS.

Somewhere someone knows something that can help in this search.

The thoughts and prayers of our family are with the Spierer family.


  1. You have a beautiful family ... and a beautiful heart for contributing a blog post about Lauren. We are sending prayers from Florida to her and her family and community.

  2. This whole thing is so sad. I *usually* walked with a buddy in Bloomington, but not always. I can identify with this story in so many ways.